Welcome to the Association for Information Systems Special Interest Group on Game Design and Research (SIGGAME). SIGGAME aims to explore the relationship between IS and digital games – an area becoming progressively more important as information systems increasingly incorporate game elements and vice versa. Yet, little research addresses this interplay.

New information systems that track customer behavior (e.g. Nike+) use game design elements including quests, trophies and levelling to increase customer engagement and extract more detailed information for targeted marketing. Accenture, Adobe, Cisco, Deloitte, eBay, Ford, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Pearson, Salesforce and SAP have all experimented with such “gamification” for motivating and engaging employees and customers. Meanwhile, video game designers use information systems not only to manage game development projects but also to help players keep track of game plots, quests, objectives, strategies and in-game knowledge. However, neither the effects of game elements on engagement, productivity and morale in business systems nor the implications of IS theory for game development are well understood.

Moreover, while the IS community has developed a rich body of theories, techniques and technologies for IS development, the video games sector has independently developed theories, techniques and technologies for digital game development. Despite evident similarities between game and IS development, little research has explored the relationship between IS and game development techniques. As IS embraces game elements and digital games incorporate IS features, exploring the relationship between IS and digital game development is increasingly necessary.


Kafui Monu, Savannah State University, monuk@savannahstate.edu


Paul Ralph, University of Auckland,

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